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Our company was founded by an Italian Group and USA Entrepreneurial Management team, has become the Parent Company of the long standing GWC Worldwide Companies. Our innovative Italian & USA team has a history of building and managing successful valve manufacturing companies over the past 40 years.

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B2B Companies Integrating SEO to their Online Marketing Strategies 

It is a known fact that B2B marketing strategies are fairly consistent throughout the years. The biggest changes are the expectations of buyers on marketing programs and communication. Even though it may seem that B2B is a lone animal not related to B2C or other entities, it is actually quite the contrary. Everything is connected; think about it, the more consumers buy from companies, the more those companies need goods and services from other companies supplying it for them. This said, the B2B marketer is rethinking the way they communicate with the buyer giving them a higher level of personalization, more information on how they can solve their problems as well as giving them more access rather than to just a browser.

Even after all this, search is still an important way people find a solution to their problems. It is an important part of the discovery process of different brands and their value proposition. Recently a marketing company, ExactTarget did a study on the state of marketing. This comprehensive report surveyed over 2,500 marketers see what their responses will be on their future strategies and how they measure their success. Not only did they set up a landing page to get more leads in exchange for white paper, ExactTarget even prepared other strategies that would normally get people’s engagement. They put together an infographic on report findings, wrote a series of blogs, made a slideshare presentation, a youtube video and had an outreach program to third-party sites.

Now let’s take a look at the results of all this work. Having high-quality content published for your band is very important nowadays. If you have links on sites like Forbes, Examiner or other high domain sites, your inbound traffic will increase. In addition, you have to make sure your content is easy to share on social and other platforms. Having great graphics makes it easier for your message to be seen and will get better engagement. Depending on the budget your company has to prepare all these things, you will reach a certain amount of potential customers. What is important to keep in mind is the attention to detail, consistency and quality your online marketing needs to be.

Another trend B2B organizations are noticing is the adoption of some kind of e-commerce availability in their online marketing initiatives. There have been reports which have found that when you migrate B2B customers online, companies have seen a 44% increase in their average order value. GWC Valve International always offer their customers superior service and make sure the quality of their products are the highest on the market.

There are certain feature customers, no matter if they are B2B or B2C are looking for when shopping online. These are ease of navigation, the effectiveness of the search function and the responsiveness of the site. But at the same time, companies have to think about search engine optimization when designing and building their site.


Where is the valve industry headed in the next 10 years?

Valves have been around since the industrial revolution in the early 1900’s. Because of this fact, people might view the industry as being mature, traditional and not prone to change. The major valve manufacturers have to take it upon themselves to keep innovating in an industry that has been around for over one hundred years. If these innovations never took place, most of the world’s infrastructure would not exist. Just think about all the industries that need valves in order to collect natural resources. Some of these include the oil and gas industry, exploration and production, mining, and petrochemical.

Contrary to popular belief, innovations in the valve industry are not correlated to or at the same rate as IT and consumer electronics. Even small changes in valve technology can lead to major contributions to the world’s ability to access and process these natural resources like gold, nuclear and iron. Globalization has had a large impact on the industry. Think about non renewable resources like oil and gas. Companies have to go to more remote parts of the world to access more of these resources. These same companies need a valve supplier that is established and reliable. Therefore, more services are expected from GWC valve international to be prepared to serve the companies who need it.

Within the next few years, valves need to keep up with customers’ demands. Therefore, products need to be innovative enough to be able to be drilled deeper and farther offshore. That is just an example of one industry that needs these valves to perform at higher degrees. But product designs for valves are only steady through time. There has to be a good balance between design improvement and the costumers’ willingness to use newer designs  or traditional ones. Looking back at the example of pressure valves eighty-five years ago, they were very basic models, heavy and bulky. Fast forward to today and pressure valves are a whole different design. They are non-flow, modulating pilot-operated valves. That being said, the valves of today offer a series of benefits when compared to the original technology. They have the ability to remotely sense relieving pressure, have lower repair cost, lighter in weight and larger.

There is a big opportunity for the valve industry in the way they communicate the benefits of the new pressure relieve valves to their customers. This is because in the process industry, it is estimated that 40% of applications can benefit from the newer generation valves. Unfortunately only about half have adopted the change even if it has been 20 years of the availability of the new product.

In the industrial period of the United States and Western European the early 1900s, there have been codes and standards introduced for the valve industry. Each region has adopted their own codes and standards locally. They eventually have continued to expand with the growing number of products, materials and applications. As globalization took over, end-users need harmonized codes and standards to understand the quality of each product they were buying. It was clear that this harmonization could be achieved as the EU expanded its regulatory reach and ISO has become a standard in the industry. But when API began to harmonize some of its standards with ISO, it became clear that any company can sell to another part of the country and have an easier time with the codes and standards.

GWC Valve International is Continuously Expanding

A few years ago, GWC Valves International has announced new offices in Dubai and Houston, Texas. This expansion’s goal is to produce more valves in more locations, serving clients more with expanded production capacity.

One of the latest trends in the valve industry is to be able to cover more locations for customers. Businesses who need valves like the ones GWC Valve International produces are mainly for the commodities industry. Since they are going to more secluded and harder to reach areas of the world, it is imperative that valves be shipped to these locations quickly to keep production moving.

The CEO of GWC Valves International, Dave Meador, is quoted to say, “We have worked towards opening new offices and expansion of valve production capacity. With the latest developments nationally and overseas, we are grateful for the ability to open the new offices to better serve our current clients and provide for new orders.” With these new facilities, the idea is to better serve clients who are in the field. As mentioned earlier, if valve companies cannot fulfill the needs of industries like oil and gas, they will find ones that will.

The idea of having these central locations in the United States and overseas will help better serve customers with on site projects. The offices in Dubai and Houston are strategically located to be central in order to be centrally located to companies served and to expand into the ones GWC Valves is currently not serving.

With over twenty years of making a mark in the valve industry through building strong relationships with clients all over the world, GWC Valves International knows just how to keep their customers satisfied and tend to their needs.  To prove that their products are of great quality, they have the standards set by the American Petroleum Institute, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and International Standards.

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